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Feria de Abril!!

Posted: April 18, 2013 by IEI - INITIATIVA ERASMUS IASI in Events
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Spring has arrived and Feria de Abril with it, direct from Seville. This couldn’t be missed out for all the Erasmus student from Iasi. 
We’ll wait you, with your best Andalucian dresses (in red, with flowers and passion) as well as motivation for dancing (sevillanas, flamenco or whatever has to be danced) and having LOTS of fun!!

We’ll wait for you tomorrow – Friday the 19th at Soho Pub!!!!

Aloha, everyone!

We know that the exam session isn’t over, but it will be a pity to lose another Wednesday without “jungle”!

So, are you ready to be a real party animal??

Jungle Party is all you need to get wild, that’s why all the animals are allowed.

Come and release your inner Tarzan and swing through the crowd or become a Lion and hunt for someone you like.

The animal kingdom is taking over so make sure you’ll be there!

And remember: what happens in the jungle…

When: Wednesday at 11 P.M.

Where: Soho Pub

Dress code: Jungle style –> the best outfit will be rewarded