Rubik’s Cube Party by IEI

      SOHO Pub!    11 PM – BE THERE IN TIME!    WEDNESDAY 7th OF March!

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                             Wanted (dead, alive or drunk): Erasmus Students playing Rubik’s Cube!

  •  Reward: 1,000,000 $ 

Color Police is looking for rainbow people!

  • IEI Team will help colorful people not to get arrested!

You haven’t found yet something to wear on a Wednesday night? Doesn’t matter! Show up wearing different cloth items in WHITE, RED, BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN and YELLOW and come on Wednesday, 7th of March, at 11 pm in Soho Pub to find together the perfect match!


       Now let’s get you dressed up in just one color!   


By swapping clothes with the others! Simple, right?

Česky: Rubikova kostka English: Rubik's Cube F...

Image via Wikipedia

Are you ready now to wear one brand new outfit?

IEI Team is just waiting to see you! 

Tip: Feel free to bring hats, scarves and gloves or any other accessory.

Join us to have fun and play in an inedited way!

Contest: The one who manages “to get” one color outfit wins.

May the right color win!

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