Past Events

Projects and Events of 2009-2010, first semester:


  • “Pick me up” Programme – IEI members welcomed international students at their arrival in Iaşi, guiding them to their accomodation, helping and giving them necessary information for their stay in Iaşi.
  • Orientation Tour – a tour of Iaşi, with emphasis on the University and its faculities and facilities, on cultural and touristic landmarks such as the Metropolitan Cathedral or the Palace of Culture, and on various shops, restaurants and so on.
  • Traditional Dinner – a first contact with traditional Romanian cuisine and a good oportunity for improving our social bonds.
  • Mosaic Night – Erasmus Soiree. Together with ASFI (the association of francophone students in Iaşi), we organized an evening full of contests, games and music, each student wearing clothes according to the color of their countries’ flags.
  • Skating Evening – Ice Mania. Sporting activity and social event.
  • Erasmus Christmas Party – discussing Christmas traditions with their similarities and differences between represented countries.
  • Trip to Neamţ Castle and the Buffalo Reservation – The highlights of this two-day trip were: Moldavian monasteries Neamţ, Sihăstrie, Agapia, the Buffalo reservation, Neamţ Castle, the Mask museum in Târpeşti, the city of Piatra Neamţ.

IEI events 2010-2011


1st Semester

Tequila Party

The “Tequila Party” was the first party of first semester. We had a difficult start, but we stood optimistic so here we are. Keep counting!
The party took place on the 22nd of October 2010, in Club Embargo. IEI organized a drinking contest of tequila shots and offered to the winners, prizes.

Romanian Traditional Feast

IEI organized a traditional dinner at Bolta Rece Restaurant on the 29th of October 2010.

We had “tochitura, pastrama, mamaliga, carnaciori, ciorba radauteana, etc.” and why not we tasted our traditional “tuica”.

“Get a taste of Romanian Cookery at Bolta Rece and let us add some spices to the Romanian wine in a joyful company at Clubul Bursei .100% authentic!”

Halloween Party

The party for Halloween took place on the 31st of October in Club RS. IEI collaborated for this event with one of the departments of the Faculty of Economics – ECTS.

The dress code was Halloween costume.

There was also a contest for the best costume.

“On the October 31st

At the fall of the night

Everybody hold on tight

Because the scariest monster party will start

In club RS is its heart

At 10PM we’ll start the fight

Come help us chase the ghosts.

Scare the monsters and get the prize

Wear a costume, we advise

And keep your eyes on the surprise.”

Friendly Football Match 1st

On the 6th of November there was a Football match with the Erasmus Students on the football field of the University of Agricultural Sciences.

Football Match 2nd

Warm up! Keep in shape! Exercise!

After all this events and parties a few hours of sports are more than welcomed!

The Football match took place on the 13th of the November 2010.

Bad Taste Party-“The Good thing about Bad taste”

On the 24th of November 2010 in Soho Pub was the Bad Taste Party.

IEI volunteers created some bad taste flyers to give an idea of the party.

The guests had to dress as badly as they could.

IEI had as guest “DJ Deo”, an Erasmus student from Spain. Soho Pub is very close to Gaudeamus and the guests had discounts on drinks.

Christmas Party

The party took place on the 11th of December right next to Gaudeamus in Soho Pub.

We celebrated the magic of Christmas together with the Erasmus students.

The dress code of the party was red & white. It was the last party before the winter vacation.

Christmas Carols Walk

This event was organized by Asociatia Studentilor Crestini Ortodoxi Romani (ASCOR) with the support of several organizations and leagues and student association, among them IEI. The Chtistmas Carol Walk was on the 15th of December and had the route Universitate-Piata Unirii-Bulevardul Stefan cel Mare – Mitropolie.

This was the second edition of the Christmas Carols Walk and wanted to gather as many students as possible to sing together Christmas carols and intensely feel the joy of Christmas.



Second semester was coming, new income Erasmus students were on their way to Iasi, so new volunteers joined IEI – Initiativa Erasmus Iasi







2nd Semester

Little tour for the new Erasmus incomers

Oook, we helped this great people to find Gaudeamus residence, thanks to our Pick-up “marathon” made by our very active IEI volunteers.

They had a little tour on the Copou Blvd., indicated their coordinators office, students cafeteria, a supermarket and of course providing them an Iasi map to find what they need until our next meeting.

This happened on the 13th of February, when IEI volunteers met the new Erasmus students and made them a presentation of the campus and we warmed up a little, after the tour, we all had a hot chocolate in Dublin Pub.

Thanks to LSE – Liga Studentilor Economisti, Iasi we were also able to provide Romanian phone numbers.

Let’s meet Iasi together!

Quiz! Marathon! Clues! Socialise! Discover! Prize!

This all took place on the 18th of February, when IEI organized a tour of the city for new Erasmus students.

We tried to make it more fun, so we organized a quest of clues to discover the most representative monuments.

“Are you ready to see our city with all its beautiful places? We invite you in a quest of clues to discover some of our most representative monuments!

Pack your adventure spirit and let’s find the clues and win the prizes.”

The starting point of this adventure was Gaudeamus, where we formed the teams.

The arrival point was in Moldova Mall, at their Food Court, where everybody received a prize as a contest reward.

Welcome Party!

After the Orientation Tour we organized a Welcome Party for the new Erasmus students.

The Welcome Party took place on the 18th of February at 10 PM in Soho Pub. The theme of the party: “Wear” your country!”

“Rumour has it Newies are in town! I heard people talking about them, but I saw no sign of them. Time to show yourselves, guys, so here’s the perfect chance.
Venue: Soho Pub
When : Friday, 18th of February
Time: 22:00 h
Code name: party animal
Why? : (do we really need that question?) You know it: ERASMUS rullz
WEAR your country, drink our booze!”

  • Hiking&Snowfight in Botanic Garden

Thibaut Sardier, an Erasmus student asked us if we want to go out on the weekend so this is what we did!!

We decided to enjoy the snow and we organized a walk in the Botanic Garden.

”We’ll try a snow fight (fair and safe one:)), talk about Iasi, Romania, different stuff, take great pictures and enjoy the last days of snow!! (Hopefully spring is coming soon)So dress properly, take your gloves, your cameras and let’s just go and spend a few hours outside! At the end we’ll stop for a drink, maybe for a cup of wine (for those who like it may try some “boiled wine”)”

  • Traditional Dinner

IEI organized for the new Erasmus students a traditional dinner, to show them our traditional dishes. The Dinner took place at Casa Vanatorului on the 1st of March.

A live band sang live music and made a very nice and joyful atmosphere.

We also introduced them the tradition of “Martisor”.

“Our country is known for many things and one of them is our delicious food and tasty drinks.

You’ve seen our city, you’ve seen how we party and now it’s time to taste our traditional dishes. Prepare yourself to eat, drink and party like you have never done it before!!!

Come and enjoy with us a traditional dinner discover what “mărţişor” means for Romanian people!”

  • Laura Spanò’s Birthday!

On the 3rd of March – a very important day for Laura, that’s why we all prepared her a surprising event, with cake and a nice gift.

  • We wish her all the best and of course to enjoy her stay in Iasi!!

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