Diana Prodan

Salut! My name is Diana, and I am this years’ IEI – Iniţiativa Erasmus Iaşi president.

After a GREAT– one year – Erasmus experience in Konstanz, Germany, I have returned to Iaşi with the idea to create a student organization for the Erasmus Students coming and departing from Iaşi. And, together with a few colleagues (now, friends :D), we’ve made it: IEI was born.:D

This year and last year I met an awful lot of new people from all over Europe and the rest world, and I would say the possibility to make loads of friends from every corner of Europe is one of the best things about our organization.

We also offer support to all the local students interested in participating in the Erasmus Program.

As president, my aim for this year is pretty simple – to make sure all Erasmus students have the best time of their life in Iasi. We will do everything on our side to try and make this happen .

Apart from my studies and IEI, I like to travel and… to go out in pubs and I will definitely try to organize some events that will include both. If you have got any questions or if you just want some information, please feel free to contact me!

Enjoy your “Erasmus”!!!


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