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Winter Trip to Vatra Dornei by IEI

Posted: December 29, 2011 by IEI - INITIATIVA ERASMUS IASI in Uncategorized
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Hello, friends!

Wondering where to go in winter vacation?!

Well, IEI team has figured it out, VATRA DORNEI it’s the perfect place for this vacation, because it’s a touristic town real known because of landscapes, thermal baths, climate and skiing facilities.

A great place to spend one weekend together and have fun as we’re used to.

If you want to try all these, we invite you all to attend our trip to know if we can count on your presence.

Why Vatra Dornei?

Vatra Dornei it’s also known as the white sports city or “The pearl of Bucovina”. Thanks to the ski and sled for recreational competitions Vatra Dornei receives every year thousands of tourists from the country but also from abroad, as professional or as amateur athletes.

It’s possible to rent there the ski, the snowboard or also the tubing equipment (a special ski slope where you can use a float)
Our fun will cost us JUST 190 LEI!!! In this price we include the accommodation, the food and the entrance at the local attractions.
Why Hotel Intus?

The hotel Intus (2**) has double rooms with bathroom, TV, phone and fridge. The package includes 3 meals per day, Friday and Saturday (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and Sunday (just breakfast). Also in the hotel you can find a restaurant, a bar or a treatment hall for different kinds of conditions (to enjoy all this you have to pay separately).

=_t&hl=ro&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1& to the hotel there is a Club where we can get the party started or where you can play bowling or billiard. Also nearby there is a covered swimming pool for the ones that want to enjoy it.

As for the transportation, we’ll pick the train.

Why the train?

Because most of the people have the student discount ticket (50% discount).
So don’t forget to bring them!!!

You can also check the prices here:

boSort=2&txtTrnImpSos&txtTrnImpPle&cboNrMaxConex=0&cboAbatere=150&txtNrInreg=10&lng=2What are we planning?Friday, we’ll leave Iasi in the morning and we’ll arrive at the lunch time. We will accommodate at the hotel and search for adventure in Vatra Dornei city. Later
we’ll turn the day into night by clubbing and having fun!And finally, Saturday!!! A full day of skiing and different kind of winter activities 🙂 There will be a day full of surprises and spontaneous things!!! Because our purpose is to make you guys to feel the winter spirit.

Sunday, well Sunday it’s time to come back home, so we’ll pack our luggage and try to enjoy our last moments in Vatra Dornei.

And don’t forget! You can’t get too much winter in the winter, so let’s winter it!!!


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Erasmus Iasi City Tour!

Posted: October 6, 2011 by IEI - INITIATIVA ERASMUS IASI in Uncategorized
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Hey guys! We know some of you just arrived and some of you came in Iasi for a month or something!

But how we can see, autumn has finally arrived (even we still have nice sunny days)! It’s the perfect season for a long walk across the town and we have found the perfect excuse to do so:D Also the perfect way to bond after a traditional dinner that we’ll have together.

IEI together with ICAR Tours (an awesome tourism agency) want you to find out what makes Iasi so beautiful and why you’ll always want to return to the capital of Moldavia. Professional tour guides who speak your language are ready to join you and make this experience unforgettable. (english, french and some other IEI volunteers will speak some italian and spanish for those who don t understand that well english or french)

So if you want to learn more about the history of Iasi, if u want to discover new places, where you can go out, eat, shop etc., if you want to feel the city’s vibe and live it’s beautiful stories SIGN UP NOW for the Tour of Iasi!

Where – Meeting point Gaudeamus and Piata Unirii (or please recommend another place for those who come from Tudor residences)
When – Sunday Oct. 9th @14:00 pm
Price: 8 lei (not even 2 euros) – which includes the professional tour guides and a bracelet with the romanian flag;)

You don’t want to miss it so hurry up and sign up on time!! 😀
We’ll come with other details about the tour we want to make, but trust us will be awesome!



Booha Party in IASI!

Posted: May 7, 2011 by IEI - INITIATIVA ERASMUS IASI in Uncategorized

Booha Party in IASI!.

Rock the town! Thursday 5th of May @FaceOff Tudor Vladimirescu

Posted: May 4, 2011 by IEI - INITIATIVA ERASMUS IASI in Uncategorized
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Hello people!! Are you ready to rock?Come to our party and show your taste in music! You will create the playlist! Send us your preferences (a link or the title) and we will put them in the playlist!Also we are going to celebrate Men’s Day! All men have the possibility to drink as many beers and shots as they want, considering the low prices:
3,9 lei/Beer and 3 lei /shot.
Location: Faceoff (T

udor Vladimirescu Campus)
When: 5th of May
Time: 10 PM

Let’s rock the town!

Erasmus Student in IASI 2010-2011 Part I

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