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Join if you feel you can help! Go on the Facebook event and Attend it!

Completeaza formularul online daca vrei sa te alaturi echipei!:D

Vino sa ne cunosti si sa afli avantajele voluntariatului!

I – Vrei sa te Implici si in alte activitati decat cele legate de studiu?

E – Vrei sa-ti faci o multime de priEteni din toate colturile lumii?

I – Vrei sa afli mai multe lucruri despre viata de student Erasmus si despre schimbul Intercultural?


Te asteptam pe 28 Martie, 8 PM in Corpul FEAA (Corpul B) – sala B311!

Iti vom povesti despre viata Erasmus, despre distractie si dezvoltare sociala! Iti vom povesti de ce merita sa IEI Inititativa… de ce merita sa te implici!

Vom reveni cu mai multe informatii legate de sala in care va avea loc prezentarea.

Fiti cu ochii pe noi!

 IEI is recruiting!

We invite you to come and find out the best things about the life of a Volunteer!

I – Would you want to get Involved in other activities than those related to study?

E Would you want to make a lot of friEnds from all ovier the world?

I Would you want to know more about Erasmus experience and intercultural exchange?


 We are waiting for you on March the 28th, 8 PM, in FEAA building (B Building) – B311!


 We will tell you more about Erasmus life, having fun and social development! We will tell why do you need to get involved, why does it woth it!

 We will come back with further information about the exact location!

 Just follow our posts to find out!

 Keep in touch!

 IEI Team!

We DARE you to play some PING PONG! by IEI Team

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Hello Erasmus people!

Even we know Saturday night is a heavy night for everyone, in the morning (aroud 3 pm), dress up and come with us!

Also the spring is on her way, as you can see! 😀
Sooo, we decided to invite you to an interesting challenge: Erasmus Ping Pong Tournament!
Come Sunday the 18th of March at 16:00 to show your Ping Pong Skills!
Be carefull 😀 we all want to win so may the best player takes the prize!
Stay tunned because the Tournament will be full of suprises 🙂

Entrance fee 8 lei/person
Meeting point: in front of University @ 3 pm. Just be there on time!

IEI Team&Friends

Go on Facebook event and Attend it if you wanna join on Sunday!

Sunday, 11th of March, IEI invites you to Café Lingua in Soho Pub

Attend the Event: Facebook

Problems with your English skills?

Any foreign language can be well learned by practicing, having fun, and making a cultural dialog. Our “Café Lingua” gives you the best offer of doing that. 

We’ll make groups of people and we’ll talk about different themes (in English) and why not, if you want to share with us interesting things about your language, you’re welcome!

The more you practice, the better will be the knowledge of your English. So why don’t you take your sit and join us in our “Café Lingua”.

Aaand on MONDAY we’ll continue going to Soirée Polyglotte, in Bar Hand @19:00pm

Attend the event: Facebook

Each Monday from 19:00-22:00 in Bar Hand

Are you learning foreign languages, but do not know who to speak with? Would you like to experience an intercultural environment and meet interesting people? Then the Soirée Polyglotte is the right place for you!

We will meet every Monday from 19:00-22:00 in the Hand, where we will be able to get to know each other in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, learn about different cultures and countries and improve our foreign language skills over a few drinks.

So do participants have to be fluent in various languages? No! Our Soirée Polyglotte provides the perfect platform to learn and continuously improve ourselves in a non-formal way.

The importance of speaking and listening in foreign language acquisition is unquestionable. For instance, it helps develop your fluency, you extend your vocabulary, and you gain more courage and self-confidence to actively use your foreign languages skills.

Everybody, from the beginner to the advanced learner, will find an opportunity to learn while simultaneously helping others to improve. Whether you are passionate about languages or just keen on meeting people and teaching them your mother tongue – you are welcome in our events!


Join the Facebook Group for any questions or information about the Erasmus Scholarship!

IEI (un) Martisor!

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IEI (un) Martisor!